How the Restaurant Farms “Sell It Like a Broker” system works:

Choosing the right plan:


  • We will prepare a market valuation based on several key factors.

  • This process requires 2 years Corporate Tax returns and P&L’s.

  • A copy of your lease and a completed SDE questionnaire.

  • Fully completed Listing Checklist.

  • The Listing Price will be sent to you as well as the breakdown.

  • Listing at the Right Market Price is crucial to your success.


  • Our experienced team will assist you in choosing the right BizBuySell program if you choose either the BASIC or the ADVANCED plan. *The PROFESSIONAL program includes the listing fee for a SHOWCASE AD.

  • We will write your listing and add a custom Display Photo.

  • Our team has the experience and knowledge to present your business as a broker would.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) (ALL PACKAGES)

  • Potential buyers WILL start responding to your ad. We provide you with an NDA that you will attach to your copy and paste reply.

  • Although the NDA’s stated purpose is to ensure Confidentiality of the information about your business, it also keeps the “Tire Kickers” and “Nosey Neighbors” away. If a potential buyer does not send the NDA back, they were never a real buyer in the first place and you don’t waste your valuable time.


  • These email responses are for the first and second round of communications with potential buyers.

  • You will receive quite a few “Please send me more information about your Business” emails.

  • Responding quickly is professional.

  • We provide you the tools to do so quickly and professionally.


  • This PDF Brochure covers your business for sale details.

  • It is an extremely useful package which gives the potential buyer a complete overview and increases your opportunity for a successful sale.

  • After the NDA is returned, the CIP is attached with the next copy and paste email response.

  • Although time consuming to customize and produce, the value of the CIP to the sale of your business cannot be understated and highly recommended.


  • Our experience dealing with buyers allows valuable and actionable insight into real world negotiation.

  • Our chart will give you the “Broker” advantage when the objections arise.

  • Prepared and successful negotiation tactics equate to a better price for your business.

  • We subscribe to “Principled” negotiations as opposed to “Positional”.


  • Once an acceptable offer has been made you’ll need a place to contract it.

  • The Asset Purchase Agreement (APA) is the industry standard and provides you with the necessary legally binding contract.

  • The APA spells out the agreed upon terms as well as the earnest money or deposit terms.

  • (ADVICE: Never accept an offer without either earnest money or deposit) We recommend a $10,000 earnest money deposit. If the buyer is serious, this should not be an issue.


  • Although you are the Broker of your business, you are not without expert support.

  • Our team is standing by to speak with you about anything related to Brokering your business.

  • Each package has the time allotted depending on your choice of plan.

  • Never hesitate to call during business hours or email anytime.

  • We are quick to respond to both.


  • The first step is to email us about your interest in the “Sell It Like a Broker” program.

  • One of our consultants will arrange a good time on your schedule for a 15-minute consultation call.

  • The purpose of the first call is to ensure this is the right program for you. The Restaurant Farm wants you to succeed in selling your business but it’s not a good fit for everyone. If we feel you would be better served by a traditional Business Broker we will help point you in the right direction. If you are a good fit, we will discuss which plan best serves you. We are not “all about the money” here, we are all about CLIENT FIRST service. Once you’ve decided to proceed, you will need to pay for whichever plan you have chosen. That starts the process listed above according to the plan chosen and we’re pretty sure you will be impressed with the level of confidence you’ll gain as you start to implement our system. You will receive our digital “Sell it Like a Broker” guidebook to get you prepared.

  • Technology has changed the markets everywhere, our program uses that technology to save you thousands.

  • We look forward to your success!